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Thursday, June 21, 2012

#54: Anna's Hummingbird - Famosa Slough, CA

There’s something about our Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. Occasionally you’ll see them flitting into your hummingbird feeder if you’ve got one, but mostly they’re flying away from you, with a series of high-pitched squeaks being the only evidence to their presence. They’re small, skittish, and sprightly – and the complete opposite of West Coast hummers.

The most common hummingbird in San Diego was the large Anna’s Hummingbird, a bold, brash, and brazen bird that I easily located my first day out West.  As I walked along the path at Famosa Slough, I heard a husky squeal coming from a nearby bush. At the top, a female sat confidently, daring me to venture closer. I inched forward, and still the female Anna’s stood her ground until I was less than a couple feet away. Had this been one of our East Coast hummers, it would’ve bailed long ago. But this is California baby!

By the time James showed up, I knew exactly where to find him his lifer Anna’s. While we saw a few full-gorgeted males, they chose to stick to the tree-tops. The females, however, still proved audacious, and James was able to snap this photo while one hovered at a flower, completely unconcerned at the six-foot human watching a couple feet away. Why can’t more hummingbirds be like Anna’s?

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