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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Competition

Finally we come to it,  the Birding Bros. Blog's raison d'etre (which somes like some kind of fancy cheese; but to be fair, I think most French words sound like fancy cheese).

Anyway, James and I have a little bit of a competition going. It mostly comes from our difference in life lists - I count every bird I have ever seen, and James counts every bird he has ever photographed. Now, this may sound unfair, after all photographing a bird is generally a lot harder than seeing it, so I should have the advantage, right? Not so fast - James has now had the privilege of visiting some amazing international birding locations in both Nicaragua and Spain.

As such, our numbers are nearly even. Our current totals can be found on top of the sidebar, but these will be updated as we gain more lifers (James got two today, but more on that later). The end goal of The Competition is to find more birds than the other person, and you'll notice that the sidebar says I am currently "losing" The Competition and James is currently "winning", but as is the nature of birding, there's no end in sight. Thus, there can't truly be a "winner" or a "loser", and The Competition is in a constant state of flux. We'll share the birds (and other animals) we find along the way, and hopefully you all will have as much fun as we're having!

That was a pretty wordy post, a stark difference from our usual photo-blog format. Well, James has gotten slightly bored with photographing those birds he already has several amazing pictures of (lookin' at you Indigo Bunting), so instead he's begun to film them! Below is a compilation of all the birds he's managed to videotape so far. Enjoy!

Full screen for best quality!

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