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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ross's Goose, Take Two

After work this morning, I returned to the Stonewater ponds in order to refind the Ross’s Goose and hopefully nab some more face-time with this cool little bird. At first the pond was empty, but come almost 11am, a whole slew of geese barreled into the water, including the guy I was after. I followed him for a while, and he got pretty close, so enjoy the photo series below, and the video at the end. Hopefully this can settle once and for all whether or not he’s a hybrid or not (I vote not).

This pic really shows the extent of the 'grin patch', and it isn't much - in line with
juvenile Ross's Goose, which shows more 'grin' than adults do.

At this point he started to swim towards me, and I was like 'eh, I'll take it'.
Note the wrinkly skin at the base of the bill.

Just who the hell does this photographer think he is?!

View at Youtube for HD quality!

I’m going to head out there again this afternoon and try for some more shots in nice light, we’ll see how it goes but be prepared for another update!

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