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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Interlude: Reddish Egrets of Ocracoke

Well, James and I just got back from the Outer Banks, and we've still got a whole lot more to share with you, including some fantastic shorebird pictures, and at least couple more lifers. Among those lifers are these juvenile Reddish Egrets we found while the Ocracoke-Cedar Island Ferry passed by Bird Island (remember, that place where I got my lifer Black Terns?) Well, we didn't find any more Black Terns, but these guys were a nice consolation lifer for James, and more than doubles the number I've ever seen.

Multiple Reddish Egrets this far north is pretty uncommon (I think), and check out how ratty they are! Hopefully they'll molt into their immature plumage soon, it's a shame for such an awesome bird to be stuck in such a mundane outfit. Sorry for the distant shots, by the way - these guys were about a football field's length away!

Anyway, check back tomorrow for continuing coverage of the Birding Bros. on the Outer Banks!

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