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Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Dickcisseling Around!

Sometimes when you chase a bird, you spend hours searching for it, and it’s a huge bummer. Neither sight nor sound of the bird in question, and not much else, and you end up super depressed.

OTHER times, however, you drive right up and find your bird! Such was the case when James and I hightailed it to Mid Pines Rd in Raleigh to find what would have been a life bird for the both of us. Heading down the dirt road of between the agro fields owned by NC State, we were calling out powerline birds left and right. Well, really, James was calling out the birds because I was driving, so instead I was just making wild guesses.

“Is that it?” “Indigo Bunting.”

”How about that one?” “Bluebird…”

“That’s gotta be it!” “No, that’s a Kingbird.”

“What about--“ “DICKCISSEL!”

Dickcissel - Mid Pines Rd, NC; 06/25/2011

As we pulled up, the Dickcissel flushed off the powerline and into a field. Which would have been bad, had I not forgotten my binoculars in the other car.

Wait, forgot my binoculars, you say? Yeah, I did. Luckily, however I brought my scope (whilst simultaneously forgetting my tripod), so the handheld look I got at 20x were just fine to me! The bird sang its song pretty quickly (Dick! Dick! Mumblemumblemumble), and at one point just before flushing into a tree, we saw a second bird that I believe to be the second, female Dickcissel reported earlier.

Dickcissel singing - Mid Pines Rd, NC; 06/25/2011

After getting walk-away views of this fantastic bird, James and I swung by the nearby Yates Mill County Park where we found a late Ring-necked Duck that’s been hanging around the lake, as well as fantastic views of non-birds like a Muskrat, a Carolina Anole, and a couple of White-tailed Deer fawns.

Muskrat chowing down - Yates Mill County Park, NC; 06/25/2011

Nothing as fantastic as a Dickcissel, but a fantastic day of birding nonetheless.

Ring-necked Duck - Yates Mill County Park, NC; 06/25/2011
Man, I made it through that whole post without blowing it and making some immature pun. That was really hard! Oh wait… forgot about the title…

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